It Was Dark and I Freaked Out; a story of a blackout during my biz trip in Africa

03.07.18 05:12 PM By Putri

I was alone in Africa when all hell broke loose a heavy storm started. The thunders were shouting at each other like two angry parents arguing whose schedule it is to pick up the garbage, and the bolts of lightning where blitzing nonstop like paparazzi trying to immortalize a candid walkofshame scene of a rising celebrity. It was intense.

I usually love storms and usually the bigger the storm the better. Thunder clap sounds like a lullaby to my ears and I could sleep like the dead throughout the storm. Except for this one because suddenly the electricity was cut off and I found myself in panic.

So, I texted Nico;

Me: I am going to dieeee, tell my mom I love her!
Nico: What are you talking about and why are you texting me from Africa?
Me: It storm like crazy and the electricity got cut off, it’s soooo daaaaark, I can’t see anything!! And the router is down too!
Nico: You’ll be just fine, come on. Now stop texting, it’s expensive. 
Me: I am alone, in Africa, in the middle of a thunderstorm, with no electricity, and all you care about is money? Really?? I thought you love me??
Nico: for god sake, woman. You are in a frickin’ apartment! In a big city in Africa. You are on a biz trip, not some kind of  African jungle exploration or something. You. Are. fine! Just call the police if anything!
Me: will 911 work?
Nico: dunno, why don’t you google it? Oh wait, you don’t even have internet... Mowahahahah!
Me: I hate you so very much right now!!!
Nico: now, seriously, go find a candle or something in the kitchen.
Me: but I am in the bedroom on the second floor, what if I trip off the stairs and break my neck? You know I am afraid of height and the dark, going to the kitchen at the moment is like a fatal combo. Might as well ask to commit suicide. 
also Me: it’s so very dark, I feel like some unwanted appearance is about to happen…. 

Nico: well, just close your eyes and try to go to sleep then.

Me: close my eyes?? Close my eyes?? Oh hell no!!! my imagination is worse than what might actually appear if anything. You know if anything supposed to be imprisoned in this world is my imagination, right?

-all of the sudden the electricity was back again-

Me: yeaaay!! The electricity is back! Helloooo, life! Okay, imma take shower now. 
Nico: great! But are you not gonna even ask how’s my day?
Me: O come on, you are in Canada with running water and electricity in full broad daylight, you’ll be fine! Now stop texting, it’s hell expensive! 
Me: PS: you still love me right, bae?

Nico: Shutup!!

And then we continue living happily ever after together, with a slightly higher phone bill  this month..