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The Whimsical Fusterlandia

Up to the age of 9, one of my favorite things to do, besides hand feeding my few surviving goldfishes (don't ask), was to decorate my room walls with drawings and stickers. The four walls of my bedroom (plus some other walls in our house) were full with drawings, doodles, and stickers up to as high as my hands could reach, it was so full you couldn't even guess what was the real color of the wall. Our house guests called it serious vandalism, but my dotting parents called it a genuine expression of the art of a child. I was brought up with single child treatment (spoilage) and it shows. I was like a travel sized dictator with a penchant for oil pastels and barbies.

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An Afternoon at Malecon, Havana, Cuba

I have been known to have this habit to recklessly classify things together just because they bare tiny similarities between them, no matter how scientifically inaccurate or illogical it is. For example, any long shaped purple flowers are lavenders to me, and all white-flat petals flower are daisies. The same way I classify all food with coconut milk and cinnamon are curry. So, when I read about Malecon being a seven point something kilometer seawall in Havana, I assumed it is just another long, big wall cover with algae protecting the sidewalkers from getting swept by waves. No biggie.

My apathy was ill-advised, or so he said...


Old Havana or Habana Vieja Nooks and Cranny in Pictures

Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to mourn the loss of my Sony Nex3 that I bought at a questionable back-alley pawnshop whose name I prefer not to mention. This awesome camera has helped me document candid moments, spread fake news, and make poorly designed memes over the years.


Havana Facts and Myths

You guys. YOU GUYS. Havana is classic, romantic, and iconic. It is also the latest spontaneous destination of our winter escape. Frankly, I was sure that we were going to spend NYE somewhere 5 feet under the snow in Canada. I suggested that we go to Yukon. Yes, I find it very easy to go to the extreme on a simple idea. I mean, if I were to spend a pile of my hard-earned dollars to freeze my butt enjoyably, might as well do it in style under the aurora borealis, while being driven around on a sled pulled by a dozen fluffy Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. Amirite?


10 Cool Ways to Freeze Your Bum in Quebec City This Winter

Last Saturday was the first day of snow. The first snow is always beautiful and I always forgot that it’s the beginning of a long Quebec winter. I was thinking to write-up an article about activities in winter in Quebec. I thought I will do it later on, perhaps in January when the snow is up to my butt, then BAMMMMMM!! This happens the very next day. Everything is white and frozen…


Tigidou, the best jam in Quebec City

As I was trying to write something up for this so-called digital diary of mine (because blogging is so yesterday :P ), I felt a bit peckish so I made myself a plate of PBJ sandwich. I love PBJ. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, dessert, and even as a snack. I feel so sorry for you guys who are allergy to peanuts. I seriously don’t know what my life would be if it’s nut-less. 


Kayaking at Vallée Bras du Nord

Early this year I was looking at my own pics from 2017 and realized that I was less squishy than I used to be at the start of the year. I was determined that this summer I would do more positive activities. Nico, ever the enabler, was more than being cooperative toward my determination. We did so many outdoor activities this summer; we hiked more summits, trekked more trails, and walked more paths than we ever did last year. All these were to reduce my squishiness. Did it work? Not really, but that’s not the point. Well, actually it was the point but it didn’t work much and I am still squishy, so let’s talk about something else…


Quai de Bulles, Quebec Artisan Soap

I wrote an article about my face skin problem and I proudly announce to you that it is no longer a problem. Is it solved? Am I cured? Has my skin become dewy and flawless? Heck no, it's not a problem anymore because I am having a bigger problem; my shoulder and back are having a full-blown breakout. So bad as if it's giving me a hint that I was prolly a toad in my previous life. 


Pelangi Island, Jakarta

I am a dedicated beach fan. But first, let me clarify here: my kind of beach is the one with white smooth sand, crystal clear blue water with gentle waves, plus the water has to be cold enough without getting my tits pokey and frozen. Somehow this kind of place makes me feel like home and the sound of the waves hitting the shore soothes my soul (do you think I might been some kind of a crab in my previous life? Because that would also explain why i'm allergic to crab wouldn’t it? I just can’t eat my own kind).