Say 'Olá' to Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal where sun-kissed beaches meet historic cityscapes, and the scent of freshly baked 'Pastéis de Nata' and bacalau au bras fill the air. Between the sun, the sea, and the sardines, Lisbon definitely has something to offer for everyone. 

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Portugal itinerary and practical tips

This holiday trip was extra special for a few reason; First off, it’s our first time traveling across the pond together since COVID-19. Secondly, it’s our first trip together to Europe, thanx to my new passport that allows me to travel to Europe (or basically almost anywhere in the world f...

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Biztrip - Guinea Conakry

You might be wondering what I do for a living. Well, let's just say I'm responsible to manage and to look for projects at a consulting company that deals with everything from socio-economic issues to unicorn grooming. My days are spent scouring for unique projects to win over, but sometimes I even g...

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Gaspesie lighthouse trail 

Recently, I have an increasing fascination with lighthouses. Why lighthouses, you may ask, what got me into lighthouses? Well, I don’t really have a witty response or a mind-blowing, life-changing answer about it, sorry. This recent interest hasn’t helped to shape me as a person, but it has taught m...

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Paspébiac historic fishing village 

As a nosy body, I’m always curious to learn about how people lived back then, that’s why I like to visit museums and ruins. But as a relatively young(ish) person, I’m picky about museums to visit. My favourite kind of museums are those living museums. This kind of museum is no ordinary museum, my fr...

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Tour of Gaspésie Itinerary 

Gaspésie roadtrip is a legendary scenic drive that loops around the huge Gaspé Peninsula. There are two popular opinion of how to do the loop; follow the route clock-wise or counter clock-wise. We did the loop both ways and we agreed that the best to do it is counter-clock wise. The loop e...

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The Gaspésie roadtrip

Isn’t funny - I rarely write about Canada, my adoptive country for the past decade. I live here and I felt like a local (although I'm not as polite and I have way lower resistance to cold), somehow it makes day trips, weekend trips, and any domestic trips as if it were just another thing to pass the...

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Introducing: Spike 

I always love dogs. I had two when I was a wee lass. Although I was too young to remember the details, I knew I loved them. Growing up, I promised myself to get myself a dog one day that would live inside my house, a wild concept to have when you lived in a certain neighbourhood in Indonesia in the ...

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Fjord Saguenay Cruise

When I was a young lass, going on a cruise was something I only heard on TV. It’s like a super-fancy-you-got-try-it-once-as-the-epitome-of-your-success-in-life thing. TV taught me that you need to be good looking and super rich, wearing fancy dresses with a hoity-toity attitude to go on a cruise. Th...

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Whale watching weekend getaway 

Apparently, whenever I’m being quiet, it gives Nico the creeps. As if whenever I’m quiet meaning I’m horsing around or plotting shenanigans ideas. Usually, I’d break my silence blurting words like “hey, I have an idea”, or “I was thinking..”, and then Nico may jump a little as he slowly stops whatev...

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