The Gaspésie roadtrip

Isn’t funny - I rarely write about Canada, my adoptive country for the past decade. I live here and I felt like a local (although I'm not as polite and I have way lower resistance to cold), somehow it makes day trips, weekend trips, and any domestic trips as if it were just another thing to pass the...

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Introducing: Spike 

I always love dogs. I had two when I was a wee lass. Although I was too young to remember the details, I knew I loved them. Growing up, I promised myself to get myself a dog one day that would live inside my house, a wild concept to have when you lived in a certain neighbourhood in Indonesia in the ...

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Fjord Saguenay Cruise

When I was a young lass, going on a cruise was something I only heard on TV. It’s like a super-fancy-you-got-try-it-once-as-the-epitome-of-your-success-in-life thing. TV taught me that you need to be good looking and super rich, wearing fancy dresses with a hoity-toity attitude to go on a cruise. Th...

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Whale watching weekend getaway 

Apparently, whenever I’m being quiet, it gives Nico the creeps. As if whenever I’m quiet meaning I’m horsing around or plotting shenanigans ideas. Usually, I’d break my silence blurting words like “hey, I have an idea”, or “I was thinking..”, and then Nico may jump a little as he slowly stops whatev...

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Road trip to Anse St-Jean in photos

With the goal to visit all we can in our residing area in Quebec, we found out about a small village of some interest lost in the Laurentides Mountains . Being rather far at about 250 km from our home town, we set out early and drove on the highway, skipping all the stops from Quebec City to La...

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Moving on

One idle morning at work  in January 2020 I was left to my own device. My colleagues were still on their vacations and with more and more projects getting cancelled because of the new virus circling around the globe, I was bored. I casually surfed the internet on random things I couldn’t afford...

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Celestun Biosphere 

Our trip to Mexico, to my surprise, had occasionally ventured into the land of action movies settings. Or at least that’s how it seemed to me. We had Indiana Jones kind of film setting at Coba ruins, if Indi ever went on an adventure discovering a historical Mayan abandoned village by going through ...

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Chichen Itza Dark Tourism 

One thing I'm really really good at is finding something totally unrelated and not even near to important when I have something else more pressing to do. It’s not procrastination, it’s more like focus deviation. Like when I'm supposed to wrap up our Mexico trip posts, I suddenly have th...

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Lunch at Hacienda San Pedro Ochil

As I've mentioned before, this blog supposedly serves as our digital journal for the trips we did. Emphasis on the words OUR and WE. Which means, the stories in this blog should be about us, things that we did, we experienced, and how we felt about it.  I’ve been writing most of th...

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Yucatan food and drinks

Tasting local food is definitely my favourite part of each trip abroad, be that for pleasure or work and  I always prepare a menu list of local food to taste before going somewhere new. I only avoid a few type of foods such a such as crabs and certain shrimps because it give...

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