Day trip 1 from Valladolid - Ek Balam, Las Coloradas, Rio Lagartos

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It was supposed to be a short hiatus from documenting memories before my short memories syndrome erases them out of my mind. But here i’m again, writing again since *mumble mumble* later after the trip has been done. I would love to say that the hiatus happened because I’ve left the lis...

Road trip to Anse St-Jean in photos

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With the goal to visit all we can in our residing area in Quebec, we found out about a small village of some interest lost in the Laurentides Mountains . Being rather far at about 250 km from our home town, we set out early and drove on the highway, skipping all the stops from Queb...


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Looking back at when life was a simpler time (read: about three months ago), I realized I’ve been making false promises to myself all my life on how I would do things differently if I have been given enough time. Like, I would finish my craft projects, write all our travels, and fold the laundry. Yo...

Izamal, the Faded Glory of Mexico's Yellowest Town

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Okay guys and girls, hear this: I am not the only one who is crazy with color themes. If you happen to know me IRL, which I hope you don’t because this will be awkward, you’d know what color I like without even asking me because the color will be effortlessly shown on almost all of the stuff I own. ...

Isla Holbox Island Vibe

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We just celebrated our anniversary and this relationship is the longest relation we both ever have in our lives! How long have we been together? Uh, that’s the thing, we don’t have the same understanding of when the relationship actually started.

Isla Holbox

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Four weeks into this Covid-19 confinement, or is it six weeks? I am not sure anymore. In fact I am not sure about anything anymore apart from the fact that the world is on hold for an unforeseeable date, stepping outside your home needs a thorough risk assessment, and Carole Baskin killed her husban...

Biking in Coba Ruins

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Coba ruins are claimed to be one of the ‘unbeaten path’ gems to discover and has one of the last ruins in Mexico you can climb to the top. It is located about 50Km from Tulum into the inland of Yucatan. 

Despite our tight schedule, we managed to visit the ruins on our way to Chiquila before catc...

Tulum Ruins

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As possibly the nosiest person on earth, the ultimate pleasure for me is to nosy around other people’s business. Dead people in particular, especially if they died like a long long time ago in the era waaaay way before me. Let’s not look too closely at those sentences, shall we?

Cenote Azul VS Yal Ku Lagoon

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Today’s post is another exciting experience of water activity we did in Mexico despite the shameless post of last week. 


I am a water lover. Although I don’t swim well, I don’t float at all, and I get panic very easily in the water, I still looove being in water, especially in a natural wa...

Snorkeling at the Great Mayan Reef

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I’ve been told that I tend to wander off on a tangent. Yeah, right!?... 

I write about my personal experiences of my travels, therefore, my posts are often very subjective, thanx to my rabid vocal nature. And now, I just found out that Nico shares every posting in this blog on his FB, which mean...