Yucatan Peninsula Roadtrip

22.01.20 09:09 AM By Putri - Comment(s)

For our 2019-2020 winter getaway we were planning to go to Guadeloupe and Martinique but thanks to my inexistent time management skill, I couldn’t find the time between my chaotic work schedule to apply for the visa to enter the countries (which means that, for a weak passport like mine, I would nee...

Puerto Morelos

16.01.20 09:20 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

So, I am not a morning person. That said, I can be slow in the morning. And when I am in a vacation, I am no person at all. Somehow my body seems to stop functioning, like my organs and brain take their vacation too. I move infuriatingly slow. Nico’s the contrary, he’s like Dora the explorer on amph...

Yucatan Roadtrip Itinerary

16.01.20 08:53 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

Mexico is one of the staple South destinations for winter getaway for Canadians, including Quebecers. Every now and then (read: every winter and spring break when the cold plunge into unliveableness), I get tagged on subtle flexing posts from fancy resorts with photos of glimmering suntanned thighs ...

Grand Feux Loto-Quebec, Sparkliest Event in Quebec

09.11.19 08:08 PM By Putri - Comment(s)
Have you ever wonder why people love to watch explosions so much? 
I’ve always presumed it’s mostly because it is just natural. I mean, the universe does like to blow stuff up, seriously. It even created by a big blow up, the Big Bang itself, if you think about it. Then there are also natural ex...

World's Most Haunted Jail: Ottawa Jail Hostel

28.10.19 09:09 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

I joined an online community for female writers – travelers where once in a while, one of the members brags posts about visiting one of their bucket list destinations. I came to a realization that I too, just ticked off something from my list recently. The thing is, my last ticked bucket list was ab...

Roulotte du Coin: Best Canard Confit Poutine in Quebec

06.08.19 12:14 PM By Putri - Comment(s)


So, I am known as someone enthusiastic and perserverant. 


But, those things that trigger my enthusiasm and perseverance are mostly none of the mainstreams (read: simply completely utterly unimportant, socially unacceptable, or sometimes borderline with crime). 

Cuba Beaches and Cenotes

27.07.19 02:34 PM By Putri - Comment(s)


Well, I wasn't really gone gone, but I was annoyingly busy this past month and skipped my weekly schedule of giving unsolicited advice posting absurd stories about our latest adventure. Apparently, I suck at keeping schedule (this is probably why my period is never regular, my ...

A Trip to Vinales

16.05.19 10:35 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

So... where were we? Oh yeah, we were in Cuba, trying to get the most out of our short trip. You know what (please read that in a thick British accent, it sounds much cuter. It should sound like this: yew no wo'?),  I thought as a famous vacation destination, the public system in Cuba must be t...

Vinales - Cuban Cigar 101 for Dummies

26.03.19 06:44 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

Do you know what Che Guevara, Winston Churchill, Don Draper, the Hellboy, and Wolverine have in common? Yep, apart from being famous standard looking men of power, they are also known for their ubiquitous cigars. Ever the gullible, copycat, easily inspired as I am, I too wanted to experience smoking...

The Whimsical Fusterlandia

08.02.19 08:24 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

Up to the age of 9, one of my favorite things to do, besides hand feeding my few surviving goldfishes (don't ask), was to decorate my room walls with drawings and stickers. The four walls of my bedroom (plus some other walls in our house) were full with drawings, doodles, and stickers up to as high...

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