Tigidou, Simply the Best Jam in Quebec

14.11.18 09:39 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

As I was trying to write something up for this so-called digital diary of mine (because blogging is so yesterday :P ), I felt a bit peckish so I made myself a plate of PBJ sandwich. I love PBJ. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, dessert, and even as a snack. I am so sorry for you guys who are a...

Kayaking at Vallée Bras du Nord

05.11.18 09:53 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

Early this year I was looking at my own pics from 2017 and realized that I was less squishy than I used to be at the start of the year. I was determined that this summer I would do more positive activities. Nico, ever the enabler, was more than being cooperative toward my determination. We did so m...

Quai des Bulles, Quebec Artisan Soap

21.10.18 01:39 AM By Putri - Comment(s)

I wrote an article about my face skin problem and I proudly announce to you that it is no longer a problem. Is it solved? Am I cured? Has my skin become dewy and flawless? Heck no, it’s not a problem anymore because I am having a bigger problem; my shoulder and back are having a full-blown breakout...

Pelangi Island, Easy Beach Escape in North of Jakarta

21.07.18 05:19 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

I am a dedicated beach fan. But first, let me qualify here: my kind of beach is the one with white smooth sand, crystal clear blue water with gentle waves, plus the water has to be fresh enough without getting my tits pokey and frozen. Somehow this kind of place makes me feel like home and the sound...

It Was Dark and I Freaked Out; a story of a blackout during my biz trip in Africa

03.07.18 05:12 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

I was alone in Africa when all hell broke loose a heavy storm started. The thunders were shouting at each other like two angry parents arguing whose schedule it is to pick up the garbage, and the bolts of lightning where blitzing nonstop like paparazzi trying to immortalize a candid walkofshame sce...

Our Fav Moroccan Street Food

20.06.18 08:50 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

Whenever we get back from a trip, friends and family tend to ask a lot of questions about the trip, and some questions are repetitive from trip to trip. I feel almost like being half-heartedly interviewed by bots whenever this happens. However, I love to answer any questions about our trips (any tri...

Essaouira, the City of Seagulls

13.06.18 07:18 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

If I were the only one who set up our travel itinerary, it would definitely include nothing but spending forever and a day next to a pristine water body in a tropical island, napping, plus an endless supply of mojitos and churros for the entire holiday. And that is exactly why Nico does not trust me...

Berber Whiskey a.k.a Moroccan Tea

24.05.18 07:04 AM By Putri - Comment(s)

Apart from addicted to good coffee, I also can’t skip a day without tea. I grew up drinking jasmine black tea, at least two times a day; at breakfast and in the afternoon. Like the British really, only without extending our pinky fingers while drinking tea.

Marrakech is Overrated!

17.05.18 08:34 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

I wasn’t prepared for Marrakech. Well, I thought I was, but Marrakech was intense. Way more intense that I could’ve imagined and it freaked me out a wee bit. I fell in and out of love with the city constantly during our 5 days stay, although Nico somehow didn’t share the same impression. Marrakech i...

Ice-Skating at the Domaine de la Fôret Perdue.

30.03.18 11:53 AM By Putri - Comment(s)

It’s been wintering and freezing cold for the past three or four months now in QC, but those of you who know us knows that that isn’t an excuse to stay at home netflixing all day (though I wouldn’t have entirely against that). 

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