Road trip to Anse St-Jean in photos

10.09.20 09:20 PM By Putri

With the goal to visit all we can in our residing area in Quebec, we found out about a small village of some interest lost in the Laurentides Mountains . Being rather far at about 250 km from our home town, we set out early and drove on the highway, skipping all the stops from Quebec City to La Malbaie, having already done that on a previous ( and very enjoyable ) road-trip.          

Port-Au-Persil (B)

Our first stop was Port-Au-Persil, simply because the name was just interesting; Harbour of Parsley ? We saw zero parsley around but it is indeed a very nice tiny village, with a shop selling pretty good hard cider and some interesting story about a Scottish guy called Neil McLaren starting this place in early 1800s. 

Bhaaaa !

Saint-Siméon (C)

We took a quick break at the last village before heading inland and into the mountains at Saint-Siméon.  Apart from a nice rest area with an access to rocky beach, this village is better know for the long ferry to and from Rivière-Du-Loup.

Petit-Saguenay (D)

Following internet hints, we stopped at the Petit-Saguenay, and drove to the harbour. The harbour in Petit-Saguenay is a privileged access point to Saguenay. Offering a view along 27 km of the fjord. It is mostly only known by the locals, it almost feels like the locals are trying to keep this beauty all for themselves. Which in a way, makes sense, I'd be that protective too if this landscape is my backyard. The place is ideal to have a romantic picnic, fishing, or simply just zone out and enjoy the spectacular sunset

 Great views !

Small barn along the way
Gazing at the Rivière Saguenay

Anse-Saint-Jean (E)

Finally got to Anse-Saint-Jean. Anse-Saint-Jean is a picturesque town in Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean region of Quebec. This tiny town dates back to 1838, sits on a quiet bay on the shores of the Fjord-du-Saguenay. It has all the elements you can ask for an idyllic landscape; rocky cliffs on each side; layered mountains; a tiny island afloat in a blue waters; cute historic farm houses; the typical Canadian covered wooden bridge; and verdant Mont Eduoard (the fifth tallest mountain in Quebec) in the distance. It's also full of old and well maintained house that are part of Quebec history. 

They said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but  Anse-Saint-Jean landscape is so beautiful it was chosen as the image on the back of Canada’s $1000 bill in the 50s. It is that beautiful!

Scene used for the old Canadian 1000$ bill.
Classic Quebec country houses
Covered bridge ... For those vintage bridge lovers