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Labuan Bajo 

Well, well, well. I have returned from my annual journey that was part telenovela, part Indiana Jones escapade and part David Attenborough nature special. Or as an Indonesian, we call it as mudik. 

17.05.23 09:14 PM - Comment(s)
Pelangi Island, Easy Beach Escape in North of Jakarta

I am a dedicated beach fan. But first, let me qualify here: my kind of beach is the one with white smooth sand, crystal clear blue water with gentle waves, plus the water has to be fresh enough without getting my tits pokey and frozen. Somehow this kind of place makes me feel like home and the sound...

21.07.18 05:19 PM - Comment(s)

If New York has its cute fruity nickname; the Big Apple, so does my beloved hometown Jakarta, which is known as the Big Durian. No one really sure how Jakarta got its fruity nickname. Is it because of the strongly-odoured fruit native to the region? or is it because not everyone can appreciate the...
01.12.16 04:24 PM - Comment(s)