The Gaspésie roadtrip

01.11.21 10:00 AM By Putri

Isn’t funny - I rarely write about Canada, my adoptive country for the past decade. I live here and I felt like a local (although I'm not as polite and I have way lower resistance to cold), somehow it makes day trips, weekend trips, and any domestic trips as if it were just another thing to pass the time, it’s not that they were insignificant, but it just felt, I don’t know, normal?

I have no idea why we tend to have this messed up misconception that a vacation has to be across the border. We kept prioritising going abroad when it comes to planning our holiday. It’s only when the pandemic started and travel bans were put in place that we finally realised how lucky we are living in Quebec, because man this province is BIG! There are so many places to visit!

By mid 2021, confinement in Quebec started to loosened up and life slowly went back to normal. Public places and major attractions carefully opened up their businesses with safety measures in place. A Vaccine passport was almost mandatory for most public activities. I do admit at the beginning I felt like being peer pressured for taking an experimental drug, but I’m already a walking vaccins cabinet from all those vaccins I had to take for travelling, so what's so harmful for taking another one, right? right??

After getting our double vaccins concoction and the domestic travel ban being lifted, we’re back on the road. Although, we didn't go far. We couldn't. Travelling accros the province was a bit complicated by this time due to Covid so we decided to explore more our belle province. 

Gaspé peninsula or La Gaspésie

After ten years living in Quebec City and one global pandemic later, we decided to do the famous tour of the Gaspé (Gass-peh) peninsula or commonly known as the La Tour de la Gaspésie. This is also our first trip with our recently adopted prince of barkness; Spike. Gaspé peninsula has been famous as THE number one destination in the province since the dawn of time for a bunch reasons. These are our best reasons why:

Let's breakdown those reasons in details!

Yep, apparently all those awesomeness are right in our own backyard. There are so many things to see, to taste, and to experience. Plus, Gaspésie is also one picturesque destination, a perfect playground for those who loves outdoor photography. I can’t facepalm myself enough to shake off my own disbelief that it took me more than ten years to finally do the Gaspésie peninsula loop. I’m so glad we finally did, twice. First one was during the shoulder season between summer and autumn to avoid the crazy amount of visitors this place receives every summer, the second one was in autumn when the leaves start to change colour. I loved every bit of each trip to the peninsula. 

The essentials: 

  • When to go? Summer to early Fall/October. But best is on the shoulder season, September to October when schools aready started so it's less crowded and the weather is cooler which means less insects and heat. Autumn foliage starts normally around October, it gives a different look to the environment as well. 
  • How long? Expect to spend at least five days if you start from Quebec City.
  • Public transport or a car? Definitely a car, public transports is limited to intercity bus so it's better to have your own vehicle to move around and visit stuff 
  • How are the roads? The roads in Gaspésie are definitely well maintained. First of all, it's important to remember that this is a tourist region, so it's not really off the beaten track anymore. So it's impossible to get lost, get stuck or not find a gas station.