Blue Apple beach house in Bocachica, Isla Tierra Bomba: No one like a rocky beach

31.10.17 10:39 PM By Putri

So this is a very late post (if it’s a menstruation, I would have already given a birth to a triplet by now). This post is about the Blue Apple beach house in Cartagena and I have been wanting to write all about it since we got back from there. But then again, you know how Netflix life can distract you from your purpose... Another reason that kept me from writing this post was actually because my experience in Blue Apple beach house wasn’t really the best. I thought I would get over it and mark it as 'case closed'. Apparently, I hold grudges way better than I hold my own farts in. I just can’t let it go. So here it goes, let the ranting begin..

After an awesome beach day at the Gente de Mar in Rosario island, we decided to re-do a similar experience, but this time in Tiera Bomba Island (Isla Tiera Bomba). Tiera Bomba island is one of the most visited islands in Cartagena, located just 30 minutes away by boat from Cartagena. 

We contacted Cartagena Connection to once again arrange our short trip to the island. At first, I wanted to go to the Chiringuito Secret Beach. Chiringuito beach is known to be isolated and relaxing. It is definitely not the beach with a lot of action apart from searing your nipples under the direct warmth of Caribbean sunshine. Yes, apparently topless sunbathing is accepted there, thanks to the secluded location of the resort itself. Free the nipples!

Cartagena Connection suggested us to go to the Blue Apple beach house instead of going to Chiringuito, and that we should check out this latest chic resort with hype vibe that was just opened in the island. I did check out the Blue Apple website before agreeing and it did look chic and all that, but apparently I had overlooked their beach. I had assumed all Caribbean islands beaches in Colombia have crystal clear blue water, white sands, and everything else you should expect from a beach. It turned out that it is not. Big fat bummer!

Okay okay, I admit it, it's no ones fault that we went there, no body pushed us into it. We made our own decision by glancing for a second at the resort’s misleading website. As my alibi, the website was not as explicit as the one they have right now. This beach house was freshly built and opened in 2016, and it wasn’t 100% done when we went there. I believe they have improved since then. Before I go on about the disappointing beach of this beach house, let me do justice to it; it is a pretty cool beach house with chic minimalist style and super friendly staff. 

Plus point #1

Hospitality wise, this resort deserves a pat on their back. The staff were nice and helpful without giving you the feeling that they were all over. It provided what I call the “lounge watch”, like the bay watch guards but at lounge. Instead of saving drowning people, they catch your discomfort and offer you a help. They don’t come around checking you randomly asking if everything is alright.  

Plus point #2

Daily visitors are limited in numbers so that everyone can get their own private lounge chair by the pool, which is kind of nice. You will find your name (the name of the person who made the booking) on the assigned lounge chair next to a clean towel. You will never have the problem of not having anywhere to relax under the sun comfortably or having to sit/lay on a dirty/wet chair. 

Plus point #3

They have a nice pool where you can just relax and have a dip, enjoying the jazz music they play on the background. Life is good, bruh!

Plus point #4

The food is amazing!! Each of us had some seafood and it was done with perfection. Yummy yummo! The price was not that bad either, considering it’s a private beach house restaurant. It looked like a small portion? No, it was not even small. It was enough to fill my bottomless belly. It's just that they served it in a giant plate so it made the dish look kinda lost in it. 

If you are looking for a moment of relaxation in Tierra Bomba island where you can just lay back and get pampered under the blue sky with gentle waves of the ocean in the background then I totally recommend this resort! 

But ... *Dun-dun-duuuuun!!!*

Okay, now let me talk about the downside of the resort that caused me some grudge..

Disappointment #1

Their beach!! First of all, it's rocky with dark sand. Let me start with the short beachy area that's covered by prickly sand. It's not the kind of beach with white soft sand. Walking barefoot on the sand was not comfortable at all, it was hurtful, even. The shore was even worse, there are huge corals everywhere. What the fig!!

Disappointment #2

The sea. No wonder they don’t even bother to put a Line Floats, you know, that floating ropes with tiny plastic balls to mark the safe zone for swimming, because I don’t think the waterfront is even safe enough for swimming. It is not deadly tho, it's just the tides tend to be harsh and high and the bottom of the sea is also very rocky. Rocky means full of big prickly rocks and/or even flat slippery rocks, which can be dangerous too. I cut my foot down to the bone (slight exaggeration, see side pic !) on one of these rocks. I hated myself for not bringing my Vibram FiveFingers ?shoes? with me for this.

The Blue Apple "beach"

I felt like one of Power Rangers personel in Bikini

Disappointment #3

Sea kayaking here was a challenge. Due to the absence of the Line Floats, all the boats/small yachts (or whatever you call that nice, private, fancy pantsy boats) park way too close to the shore. You have to kayak all the way between these boats, trying to keep afloat despite the waves caused by their engines. And the fishermen boats with neglected engines filled the air with stinky clouds of a burned mixture of gasoline and oil.

Disappointment #4

No snorkeling spots!! I honestly see no point to go to a beach if you can not go snorkeling. I did borrow a pair of goggles from the resort. The staff was giving me a not-so-reassuring look when I told them I wanted to go snorkeling, but I went out to the sea anyway, hoping I could see something. Just because I was hard-headed. Now I know why they gave me the look. The worst part is they also don’t offer a service where you can hop on a boat and just take you to a snorkeling spot.

Disappointment #5

There is only one shower for day trippers to rinse off and it is outdoors. Their explanation was "because the water is scarce in the island". Yes, that could be one thing, but still, they could have made it a bit hidden instead of being almost right on the entrance walkway to the beach house. It also means that you need to change your clothes in one of the public restrooms. I am not a big fan of changing clothes in restrooms. I might sound a bit like a whiny princess here, but you know how public restrooms are...

So there you go. I’ve said it. Overall, it’s a cool place to chill, eat, drink and do not much. But if you are looking for a white sandy beach, easy water, and possibility to snorkel, this is not the best place. I repeat, this was in late December 2016, so I am sure they have better services by now since the resort will have been completely built and found its niche by now.

Or do they ?