Boxotel, Ultra-modern Hotel in Downtown Montreal

28.12.17 11:41 PM By Putri

Yes, I finally write a review of an hotel. I have never interested in writing hotel reviews before but this modern hotel in downtown Montreal was so extra, I just have to talk about it.So here it goes:

Just before the year 2017 ends, we had another short getaway to Montreal for the gazillionth time. We intentionally spent our Christmas holiday in Montreal, escaping all family dinners and every Christmas-related traditions. It was almost a compulsive getaway trip, nothing was planned. The only thing we did beforehand was booking an hotel. The thing was, during Christmas most of, if not all restaurants, would be closed. To avoid death from hunger, we needed a place to stay that had a kitchen so if worst comes to it, we could at least cook ramen or something.

We stayed at Boxotel in downtown Montreal, a smart apartment hotel with an ultra-modern touch. At first Boxotel sounded like Box-Hotel to me, giving me an idea of modular space of living with minimalist chic decoration that's similar to an Ikea showroom, much like an upgraded Norwegian prison.

I was not far off...

We took the studio room with queen size Murphy bed. The room was simple but very comfortable. Now here are the things I loved the most about our room; First, it is extremely hi-tech to the point where everything is controlled by a tv remote. Yes, from the the temperature to the lights, even the blinds. Apparently, this automatisation has a name; HVAC or something. Please look it up because as a technotard, I am in no position to explain in details what it is.

Everything is literally controlled with buttons, even to turn on the shower!! I have never seen something like this before. For most of you, this luxury might mean nothing, but for me, whose youth was spent hand-pumping water for shower, these automations were a bliss... 

Is this what living in the future feels like??

-unnecessary geeky euphoria ensued-

The spacious bathroom had two shower heads; one big one that gives the rain fall effect, and the detachable one. Both of them had led lights on them. I have mixed feelings about the placement of these lights, frankly. It does look cool and give a futuristic look to it, but on the other side, what if the seal between the light and the water has a leak? Direct electrocution??

Another petit comment I have to say about the bathroom is the fact that the door and wall are made from partially frosted glass. Although it does make the bathroom looks awesomely cool, but it offers minimal privacy, sight-wise and noise-wise. You better make sure that whoever will be staying with you in this hotel loves you no matter what noise you make in the bathroom, otherwise you will be self-conscious every time you are doing your bathroom business.

Second, this hotel has not only given a lot of attention of the practicality of each of the elements they put in the room, they are also very environmentally friendly. I really love the fact that they have dispenser glass bottles for shampoo, moisturiser, soap, hand soap, even lotion, instead having it in a tiny plastic bottles like you usually find in other hotels.

They put three different garbage bins; one for recycle bins, compost bin, and storage bins. It even comes with a pamflet to guide you what kind of trash should be put in which bins, incase you weren’t sure like this writer.

Whoever designed this hotel must have an attention-to-detail-ism syndrome, they have provided all the small details that makes life easier. For example, every plugs in the room has USB plugs in it. Seriously, every hotel has to copy this move. Heck, every public plugs have to copy this move.

Every room is made to accomodate for those with reduced mobility. Doors are wide enough for a wheelchair to roll in (They even put a foldable chair in the shower). Ramps are made so most of the parts of this hotel  is accessible by foot or wheels.

Then there is this fully equipped kitchen with oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, hotplate, and dishwasher. I could not only cook ramen, but also bake muffins if I wanted to (yes, they even provide muffin molds and complete range of utensil). Seriously, I could see myself live a daily life in this room. Especially it also has washing and drying machine, iron and ironing board, and plenty drawers to store your stuff.

Entertainment? Apart from the TV channels with most programs available, the hotel also provides free and fast internet. You can connect up to 6 devices under your personal password in your room.

Other facilities? Hmm.. let see; jacuzzi, BBQ, and outdoor lounge on the rooftop (must be awesome in summer), dry sauna, mini gym, and turkish bath. Then on the lower part of the building there is a space for art exhibition and a cafe. We got our complimentary breakfast from this cafe every morning.

Is that all? Well, the hotel is located 10 minutes or under from everything you need in Montreal; the bus stop is just right across the hotel; 10 minutes from St. Catherine, Montreal busiest shopping district; 10 minutes of walk from Chinese district where you can find authentic Asian cuisines with great price; less than 10 minutes of walk from rue St. Denis, where the chic and hip restaurants are lining up endlessly; and also a walk away from the underground metro.

Anything else apart from the completely amazing accommodation located strategically in the center of Montreal busiest hub? Well, yes, this hotel is a totally complete package. The staff there (which I saw only two of them, one that occupy the reception desk, and one barista at the café) were very friendly, efficient, and smileful.

And so, despite the expensive rates that won’t fit in any budget-travel categories, this hotel is well worth it. A little tip; to get a better rate, don’t make your booking through their website. Seriously, their website prices suck.

PS : this is not a paid review, although you bet I wish it was!