Grand Feux Loto-Quebec, Sparkliest Event in Quebec

09.11.19 08:08 PM By Putri

You’ve got to love fireworks because this post is all about the bang!

Have you ever wonder why people love to watch explosions so much? 
I’ve always presumed it’s mostly because it is just natural. I mean, the universe does like to blow stuff up, seriously. It even created by a big blow up, the Big Bang itself, if you think about it. Then there are also natural explosive phenomenons here and there nonstop all over the world like erupting volcanoes, exploding stars (supernova), flared up zits, orgasms, geysers, and all much more. We are all terrified by it and are awed at the same time.

Although the paragraph above is a complete BS I made up, but let’s be honest, everyone enjoys a good blow up every now and then. Nothing makes a celebration more festive like a firework.


We’re well trained to translate a firework scene in the 90s when nudity in movies was still very much verboten as a celebratory metaphor of an orgasm. We have accepted that a good orgasm is just like a great display of fireworks.

Where I grew up, fireworks that actually makes sparks were rare, it considered as a luxury, even. What we had were those firecrackers that produce nothing but a lame pop and stinky smokes. From times to times tho, on birthdays or New Year Eves, my parents bought a few sparklers, and it was our bonfire! 

Grand Feux Loto Quebec

Grand Feux Loto Quebec is the sparkliest event everyone should attend every August in Quebec City. It is part of the world’s biggest annual firework festival; the International des Feux Loto-Quebec in Montreal. Both events are sponsored by the Loto Quebec, Quebec province’s gambling mafia games of chance operator.This festival holds six different fireworks show on six different night, usually every Wednesday and Saturday in July to August each year. Thousands of fireworks were launched on every show for the whole 20 to 30 minutes, operated by different international scale pyrotechnicians. 

The idea of this festival is a pyro-musical show, combining music and visual impact. Every show has a different theme and music genre, ranging from country, Latino, classical, to disco. No night is the same but all nights are awesome, guaranteed. 

And for once, I would like to make this post none like my other posts; informative and educative. 

Wow. Yes, I know... 

Do you know that apparently there are different types of fireworks depending on how it looks like when exploding? After six nights of serious firework festival, this is what I gather: 
Chrysantenum firework
Brocade firework
Crossette firework
Dragon's egg firework
Dragon's Eggs

My favorite are Crossette, Chrysantenum, and Brocade. It just sooo festive. They light up the sky entirely!

When to watch 

The dates are varied, but it’s always in summer between July to August. Check their website here for more info. Each show night opens with a variety of entertainment related to the theme for the night from 6 PM, but the firework show itself starts at 10 PM. 

Where to watch 

The firing platform for the entire show is concentrated on a pontoon/boats in the middle of St. Lawrence River, right in the front of Chateau Frontenac and Levis ferry terminal, so there are plenty spots along the shore. You can even watch it from the water on a boat or kayaks. 

Most people come to watch the show from the Chateau Frontenac boardwalk, the Terrasse Dufferin, or the plaza directly below the Chateau; the Place des Canotiers. 

Our favorite spot is to watch it from the park right next to the Levis ferry terminal, across the river, opposite the Chateau Frontenac. We watch the bangs with beautiful Chateau as background. We’d bring a throw and some snacks, and just have a picnic while waiting for the show to start. The music that the fireworks play to are broadcasted on the radio.