Tour of Gaspésie Itinerary 

08.11.21 10:03 PM By Putri

Gaspésie tour, the itinerary

Gaspésie roadtrip is a legendary scenic drive that loops around the huge Gaspé Peninsula. There are two popular opinion of how to do the loop; follow the route clock-wise or counter clock-wise. We did the loop both ways and we agreed that the best to do it is counter-clock wise. The loop extends for more than 1000km from Québec City and offers tons of interesting places to visit along the way. With so many incredibly interesting places to explore, it was hard to decide which stops to make and preparing a wholesome itinerary was overwhelming. After two separate trips we did this year, here is our round-up itinerary to do the Tour of Gaspésie incase anyone is looking of ideas or references for similar trip: 

Day 1. Quebec City to Matane

Driving from Matane from Quebec City normally takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes.  We had a picnic lunch at the Bic Parc on the way. In the summer to early fall, we can do seal watching from the shore in this national park. The park's bays and coves are part of the St. Lawrence estuary, and it is undoubtedly the playground for at least two seal species; the harbour seal and the grey seal. 

Next stop was Anse-aux-Coques Beach in Sainte-Luce. This nice sandy beach with colourful houses at the background is a perfect stop to stretch our legs and have an easy stroll by the beach. 

Before heading to la Maison Grande Mamie near Matane for the night, we had dinner while enjoying the breathtaking sunset at the legendary Capitaine Homard restaurant at St. Flavie, famous for its fresh seafood menu and lobsters. 

Day 2. Matane

Matane is a small-but-busy coastal city. Famous for its Matane lighthouse and speciality shrimp, Matane is also proud of its Promenade des Capitaines boardwalk. This famous boardwalk located directly downtown, it highlights Matane maritime tradition through the stories of its most illustrious captains. The promenade also filled with local artisan stands from artisanal liquid nitrogen ice cream kiosk to handcrafts souvenirs during summer. 

Before sunset, we head to the Centre d'Art Marcel Gagnon, another icon of Matane. This art centre is also a restaurant and inn at the same time. The façade is worked on with mozaics. 

Day 3. Matane to Bonaventure

Day 4. Bonaventure to Percé

Day 5. Percé

Day 6. Percé to Gaspé

Day 7. Gaspé

Day 8. Gaspé

Day 9. Gaspé to Matane

Day 10. Matane to Quebec City 

Day 2. Matane 

Sleep at maison grand mamie near matane
Cetre d'Aret Marcel Gagnon 
Matane light house
l Maison du Gardien 
Promendaes de capitaines
Imagi Mots

Day 3. Matane - Bonaventure

SLeep at Motel Grand Pre

Belvedere Horizone de Reve

Belvedere de matapedia

Lieu historque NBational de La bataille de la ristigouche

Gaspe canabis in listuguj

Carleton sur mer

Pointe tracadigash

Mic mac coop

Day 4. Bonaventure - Perce

Sleep at Motel Fleur de Lyse 

Quebec A acdian Museum in Bonaventure

Phare de la pointe bonaventure

Plage Évangelune 

Plage mcgraw

Plage green


Plage des beaux sables

phare cape espoir

magasin general authentique 1928

Day 5. Perce gaspe

Sleep at hotel Baker

Le malin de la Rivière Bonaventure

Geopark Unesco 

Riviere Émeraude 

Day 6. Gaspé

Sleep at baker 

Brasserie Auval

Chiute de la riviere portage

ile beonaventure et du rocher perce national park 

Belvedere du mont st alban

Day 7. Gaspé

Sleep at Baker hotel

Bureau d'accueil touristique de Gaspe

Gespeg indian reserve

Forillon - le bout du Monde 

cap bon AMie

Belvedere du Mont st Alban

Day 8 - Gaspe

Sleep at Baker 

Site Micmac de Gespeg 


CAP des Rosiers lighthouse

Manoir le Boutiollier

Microbrasserie au frontibus

Day 9. Gaspe - Matane

Sleet at Maison Grand mamie

Point a la Renomme liughthoue

cap de la madelaine light houyse

Mont saint pierre

la Martre lighthouse

Chocolaterie Couleur Chocolat

Sainte Anne de monts 

Cap chat lught houase

Cap Chat eole 

Day 10. Matane - QC

La Vallee de la framboise

matapedia lake seigneury regional park 

Chute à la Philomène waterfall and suspended glass platform 

Point au Pere lighthouse, Onondaga

St. Andre de Kamouraska 

tete Aloumette 

Maison Grande Mamie means Grandma"s house in English, which literally what it is, itMs nices gramdnas house. not a fancy boutoque local hotel with a touch of local luxury. Please dont look it up on LOL....  Yep, we're lucky to have his gramndma's house in AMquie near matane as our half way base campe, because otherwise, driving straight from Quebc CIty to Gaspé will take us around 8 hours without stpping. Sheezzz!!