Quebec Annual Blizzard: 2016 Edition

04.03.16 11:02 PM By Putri
Do you ever wonder how to pronounce the name Quebec? I have heard few different pronounciations like Kee-beck, Kwee-beck, but the way we say it here is: Keh-beck. Its the pseudonym of Winteristan.  This specific region has a too-long period of winter. If you take winter as the period when the snow falls, then its from around late October to April. If you are like me, a person who only grasped the concept of two seasons; too cold and enjoyably sunny, then Quebec winter starts from the beginning of October till early May where temperature are constantly below 15 Celcius. Below 15 Celcius in Quebec can whimsically range between 14 Celcius to – 40 Celcius. With wind gusts, it always feels colder, it could reach -60. It doesn’t happen often tho, but it still freaky when it happens. I mean Mars’s average temperature is around -60 but no one lives there. No one, not even the aliens.

There is even this saying in Quebec winteristan; Mon pays ce n'est pays un pays, c'est l'hiver, or in English it means: My country is not a country, its winter. It shows how bad the winter can be.

Apart from getting redonkeylously cold in winter, there are also few conditions that make things worse, like snowstorm, sleet, hail, blizzard, snownado, etc, and it occurs on weekly basis. This year winter’s worst blizzard just happened yesterday and it was awful.

What I hate from Quebec’s blizzard :
  •  Getting up in the morning and do morning chores become more like a Herculean task,
  • Buses barely keep their schedule,
  • The snow is so thick but fluffy it feels like walking on freezing quicksand (should we call it quicksnow?),

  • Shops run out of their basic utility products like bread, water, batteries, even avocados! People are being preppy as if its a Snowmageddon (and I had to eat my burrito with no avocado guacamole, bummer!),
  • It gives people in the bus to talk something about besides why Trump is winning,
  • It also gives people something to ask me like why in the heck I left my tropical home in exchange to this winteristan,
  • Those question lead me to another episode of my existensial crisis,
  •  This existensial crisis makes me drink  and the drunk me eat all the extra-food I bought for the blizzard,
  • The amount of snow will pile up higher than me,
And I am 5' 6"
  • The scarriest part is that it’ll be cleaned up in time for work the next day.
Appropriate vehicle to commute in Quebec during winter

What I like from Quebec’s blizzard :
  • Nothing. Nothing at all.

Oh wait, when I think about it, there is a good side of blizzard after all :
  •  Skipping my exercise classes and blaming it on weathers leaves me absolutely guilt free. 

Oh, btw, my best suggestion for snowmageddon preparation is Chai Tea mix from the Second Cup, Netflix and stay indoor as long as possible!