Selcuk, Izmir - Turkey: Temple of Artemis

12.10.16 12:15 PM By Putri

What comes accross of your mind when you heard the word ‘Artemis’? a graceful Goddes? Ancient greek?

To be honest, what comes to my mind for that word is the white cat from Sailormoon. This is what happens if you grew up reading mangas instead of ancient histories...

Artemis cat from the Sailormoon looked worried about my choices in life. 
Temple of Artemis is one of the major attraction in Ephesus, and since we were in the area, we decided to visit it. We took a guided trip for this temple and the guide did remind us about the single pillar, but I wasn’t expect it to be that bad. I mean, look at this following pic, if nobody told me what it was, I would have thought that pillar was the left over of someone’s house.

Can you see my dissapointment?
It was hot, it was humid, it was a long trip, and that single pillar was the only thing to see that represents the temple. Were we dissapointed? What d’ya think??

Anyway, according to the history, this temple was built on 800 BC on a marshy area to prevent it from collapsing when earthquake hits and has suffered a lot of bad lucks. It shows, eh?

The area wasn’t well conserved at all. There are a green pond around it where you can see some turtles and ducks in it. Which actually were much more entertaining than the temple itself.

I heard the government has started an excavation project to bring the site back to its glory, so perhaps in 10 years this site will worth a visit, there's still hope, y'all. But for now, I’d say unless you are passing by the entrance on your way to somewhere, dont bother to take a detour to go here.