6e Sens Restaurant: Dining in total darkness.

06.12.15 07:34 PM By Putri


Have you ever heard about dining in total darkness? If you like suspense and food, this activity definitely has to be on your to do list. There is one restaurant in Quebec city that provides this kind of culinary adventure. Its called Restaurant O 6e Sens. Its situated at one of the busiest business district in Quebec city and it's reachable by bus.

I went there few times and here are what I think about the place :

I love it because: 

  • My palate get to work more to taste,
  • I don't have to use any table manner, no body sees me, I dont have to be face-aware. I can roll my eyes when Nico said something stupid (or cringe at his blatantly-flat jokes) without him knowing. I can gag when I bite on corriander leave or capers without anyone think I am disgusting (coriander leaf and Capers are two most offensive word started with the letter C in my dictionary)  
  • I have this bitchy-resting face syndrom (the fact that I can be a bitch from time to time has no connection to this syndrom, believe me (which you should not)), but who cares, its dark! Hallelujah!
  •  I have to explain what I am doing everytime I move to people in my table; careful I am moving my plate to your direction, I am leaning towards you to get my purse, oops I nod but you couldnt see me.. I feel like my life suddenly is a captioned movie. Love it!
  • I get to connected more with people in my table since no phones are allowed. 
  • The chef will see  explain what was served and how he prepared it and I can go like : ooooh, aaahhh.. as if I understand a thing about cooking method he applied.
  • They have this cool bar and serves awesome cocktails.
  •  I have more appreciation for the blinds.
  •  Reasonably priced.

I love it a wee bit less because:

  • As a visual person, I like to see what I am eating,
  • The experience to eat in total darkness is awesome at first, but that the effect will totally worn out on the second visit, you know, ‘been there done that’ syndrom thingy?

Children are welcome but probably it's not the best idea to bring them here because:

  • Kids tend to be scared when its dark, and when they are scared, they become whiny (and cry eventually), and for this, we will hate you. No body likes a crying kid, not even their own mom. So what will we do, since we can’t kick you out of the room, we will talk loudly our dislike, you cant see us anyway. You know, like we do when you take your crying toddler to the cinema. What? I am the only one who does that? Oh I am the only ass in the room now? 
  •  If your kids has eating problem, I bet they pitch their food in the dark like they dont care (they really don't care actually), and you will step on it. Ewwww.. or worse; sit on it,
  •  As kids, they ask you stuff like; mommy whats this, mommy whats that, mommy what is that beeping digital-watch-like bracelet on your ankle?.. and as great parents, you know how to craft your answer. But that answer-crafting skills will be taken into another level since you cant even see whats your kids are asking about,
  • They will be (more) scared of the dark. This will effect your electricity bills in the long run.

PS: I just hope this place doesn’t have any infra-red cctv. They will caught all the inhuman stuff I did in the dark and this thought gives me shivers.