Yucatan food and drinks

12.08.20 02:13 PM By Putri

Tasting local food is definitely my favourite part of each trip abroad, be that for pleasure or work and  I always prepare a menu list of local food to taste before going somewhere new. I only avoid a few type of foods such a such as crabs and certain shrimps because it gives me rashes and a swollen head, pork and its derivative because I'm a kosher/halal kind of gal, and I have a life-long distaste for Cilantro. Apart from that, I'm good.  

Cilantro or coriander leaves are the offensive big C word in my dictionary and it triggers PTSD. I can notice its presents miles and miles away. It tastes like a dead bug, really, and it's traumatizing. Some of you never accidentally ate a random bug that went into your mouth while biking full speed in a tropical suburban when you're just a child, and it shows. Trust me those fresh, random bugs taste like cilantro. 

Just no, ugh, gross!!

We all know tacos are the national dish of Mexico and cilantro is their national food topping. Nico loves tacos but I, not so much, mostly because the C word they put in it. Lucky for him, there are plenty of taco types, and each place come with different recipe of guacamole and condiments, and lucky for me, tacos aren't the only good food in Yucatan. 

We were well-fed throughout the trip. Nico has a very sensitive belly but he didn't have any belly issue whatsoever from all the food we ate on the trip, which we consider as some sort of a miracle because normally, he'd almost die from a food poisoning at least once on each of our trips abroad. So, safe to say, Yucatan food aren't only yummy, but also offers a diverse option, affordable, and clean. That's the reason I'm writing this post, listing down the food and drink we had and became our favourite. Writing this list make me drool onto my keyboard - more than usual.  

Puerto Morelos

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Tulum and Akumal Area


Holbox Island

On each of our trip, we always have this kind of a date-night during vacay where we go out to have a fancy supper at the town's most famous/well-rated restaurant. For this trip, we chose to have a fancy supper at the Yucatan gastronomy museum (Museo de la Gastonomía Yucateca, MUGY)  in Merida. MUGY offers every emblematic dishes of Yucatan gastronomy (read: like all the above, and more). This museum is so different that other museum we ever visited. The purpose of this museum is to introduce typical Yucatan gastronomy to anyone that are interested in knowing the ingredients, the preparation, and of course, the taste of the dishes. I could say, our visit was for the purpose of cultural curiosity, and we learnt a lot and ate a lot more  at this restaurant. 

So, all-and-all, Did we had the best dishes at the MUGY? not necessary, I had tasted better of the same type of food at the smaller restaurants we visited during the trip. In fact, we had a full Yucatan buffet all-you-can-eat style at an old hacienda  called Hacienda San Pedro Ochil near Uxmal that offers same kind of food with a fraction of the price, yet better in taste. BUT, MUGY is still worth to try for those culinary aficianados who is looking for a one-stop restaurant in Merida that offers each and every Yucatan typical dish.