Isla Holbox Island Vibe

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We just celebrated our anniversary and this relationship is the longest relation we both ever have in our lives! How long have we been together? Uh, that’s the thing, we don’t have the same understanding of when the relationship actually started.

Isla Holbox

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Four weeks into this Covid-19 confinement, or is it six weeks? I am not sure anymore. In fact I am not sure about anything anymore apart from the fact that the world is on hold for an unforeseeable date, stepping outside your home needs a thorough risk assessment, and Carole Baskin killed her husban...

Cuba Beaches and Cenotes

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Well, I wasn't really gone gone, but I was annoyingly busy this past month and skipped my weekly schedule of giving unsolicited advice posting absurd stories about our latest adventure. Apparently, I suck at keeping schedule (this is probably why my period is never regular, my ...

Playa Crystal at Tayrona park: epically awesome

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I read a lot of travel blogs that wrote about the hidden paradise of the north coast of Colombia; Tayrona National Park. Well, not so hidden anymore apparently. Tons of articles about the conservation park, that the Colombians are very proud of, shows that the park has become one of the most visited...