Gwangjang market, Korean street food mecca

18.01.17 06:33 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

As I have explained briefly on my previous post, Gwangjang market is one of the oldest and the largest functioning market in South Korea with around 5000 vendors selling different things like food, textile, etc. What fascinated me the most was the food section. 

I love Korean food and ...

Incheon Airport Korea Transit Tour

14.01.17 01:44 AM By Putri - Comment(s)

The reasons I am writing this article are because:
  1. Incheon airport is darn awesome,
  2. I want to share the knowledge I gathered from my experience for your benefit,
  3. I have a mountain of laundry to do so I gotta make an excuse to avoid doing it. 

I have also been told to reduce blab...