Gwangjang market, Korean street food mecca

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As I have explained briefly on my previous post, Gwangjang market is one of the oldest and the largest functioning market in South Korea with around 5000 vendors selling different things like food, textile, etc. What fascinated me the most was the food section. 

I love Korean food and ...

Istanbul street food, sorry it took me so long to discover you.

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Being from Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia(and street food district), I grew up eating street food as part of my daily diet. When I moved to Québec City where street food is inexistant, I didn't know how to feed myself for the first few months after my arrival, seriously.

We went on a trip to Turk...


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Deep fried potatoes, a mountain of cheese curds, a dollop of greasy brown gravy. Its literally the king of junk food, its everything you should avoid to stay healthy. It could lead to cholesterol and heart problems. In my case it leads to a larger belly circumference. However, I still encou...

6e Sens Restaurant: Dining in total darkness.

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Have you ever heard about dining in total darkness? If you like suspense and food, this activity definitely has to be on your to do list. There is one restaurant in Quebec city that provides this kind of culinary adventure. Its called Restaurant O 6e Sens. Its situated at one of the busi...