Cuba Beaches and Cenotes

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Well, I wasn't really gone gone, but I was annoyingly busy this past month and skipped my weekly schedule of giving unsolicited advice posting absurd stories about our latest adventure. Apparently, I suck at keeping schedule (this is probably why my period is never regular, my ...

Vinales - Cuban Cigar 101 for Dummies

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Do you know what Che Guevara, Winston Churchill, Don Draper, the Hellboy, and Wolverine have in common? Yep, apart from being famous standard looking men of power, they are also known for their ubiquitous cigars. Ever the gullible, copycat, easily inspired as I am, I too wanted to experience smoking...

The Whimsical Fusterlandia

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Up to the age of 9, one of my favorite things to do, besides hand feeding my few surviving goldfishes (don't ask), was to decorate my room walls with drawings and stickers. The four walls of my bedroom (plus some other walls in our house) were full with drawings, doodles, and stickers up to as high...

An Afternoon at Malecon, Havana, Cuba

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I have been known to have this habit to recklessly classify things together just because they bare tiny similarities between them, no matter how scientifically inaccurate or illogical it is. For example, any long shaped purple flowers are lavenders to me, and all white-flat petals flower are daisie...

Old Havana or Habana Vieja, Nooks and Cranny in Pictures -Vintage Awesomeness

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to mourn the loss of my Sony Nex3 that I bought at a questionable back-alley pawnshop whose name I prefer not to mention. This awesome camera has helped me document candid moments, spread fake news, and make poorly designed memes over the years.

Havana Facts and Myths

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You guys. YOU GUYS. Havana is classic, romantic, and iconic.

It is also the latest spontaneous destination of our winter escape. Frankly, I was sure that we were going to spend NYE somewhere 5 feet under the snow in Canada. I suggested that we go to Yukon. Yes, I find it very easy to go to the ext...

Our Fav Moroccan Street Food

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Whenever we get back from a trip, friends and family tend to ask a lot of questions about the trip, and some questions are repetitive from trip to trip. I feel almost like being half-heartedly interviewed by bots whenever this happens. However, I love to answer any questions about our trips (any tri...

Essaouira, the City of Seagulls

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If I were the only one who set up our travel itinerary, it would definitely include nothing but spending forever and a day next to a pristine water body in a tropical island, napping, plus an endless supply of mojitos and churros for the entire holiday. And that is exactly why Nico does not trust me...

Berber Whiskey a.k.a Moroccan Tea

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Apart from addicted to good coffee, I also can’t skip a day without tea. I grew up drinking jasmine black tea, at least two times a day; at breakfast and in the afternoon. Like the British really, only without extending our pinky fingers while drinking tea.

Marrakech is Overrated!

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I wasn’t prepared for Marrakech. Well, I thought I was, but Marrakech was intense. Way more intense that I could’ve imagined and it freaked me out a wee bit. I fell in and out of love with the city constantly during our 5 days stay, although Nico somehow didn’t share the same impression. Marrakech i...