Istanbul street food, sorry it took me so long to discover you.

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Being from Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia(and street food district), I grew up eating street food as part of my daily diet. When I moved to Québec City where street food is inexistant, I didn't know how to feed myself for the first few months after my arrival, seriously.

We went on a trip to Turk...

Bosphorus Cruise

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Bosphorus strait was one of the most recomended places to visit when you are in Istanbul. This is where two continents meet; Europe and Asia. The strait connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, and ultimately the Mediterranean. Its strategical importance has been known throughout history and ma...

Hagia Sophia

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One question that came to mind as soon as I stepped in to the Hagia Sophia mosque : HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THIS SPECTACULAR BUILDING BUILT WHEN ELECTRICITY WASNT EVEN INVENTED ?

I had to round up my pashmina tight around my head and neck, not necessarily to follow the dresscode but to prevent m...

Istanbul: Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)

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This is truly the most grandiose mosque I have ever seen. It is amazing how people is proud and love their religion so much, they build such a grand and amazing place to pray and still keep it's serene ambiance. 

The Sultan Ahmet mosque sits juxtaposed with Hagia Sophia, it is definitely one of ...


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If I have to describe Istanbul in one word, the word would be AWESOME. Pardon my simple and pitiful choice of vocabulary. Well, I can put fancy words like awe-inspiring, amazing, stunning, intensively impressive, or even magnificent, but this is my blog, written by my mediocre choice of words and si...