Road trip to Anse St-Jean in photos

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With the goal to visit all we can in our residing area in Quebec, we found out about a small village of some interest lost in the Laurentides Mountains . Being rather far at about 250 km from our home town, we set out early and drove on the highway, skipping all the stops from Queb...

Tulum Ruins

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As possibly the nosiest person on earth, the ultimate pleasure for me is to nosy around other people’s business. Dead people in particular, especially if they died like a long long time ago in the era waaaay way before me. Let’s not look too closely at those sentences, shall we?

Cenote Azul VS Yal Ku Lagoon

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Today’s post is another exciting experience of water activity we did in Mexico despite the shameless post of last week. 


I am a water lover. Although I don’t swim well, I don’t float at all, and I get panic very easily in the water, I still looove being in water, especially in a natural wa...

World's Most Haunted Jail: Ottawa Jail Hostel

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I joined an online community for female writers – travelers where once in a while, one of the members brags posts about visiting one of their bucket list destinations. I came to a realization that I too, just ticked off something from my list recently. The thing is, my last ticked bucket list was ab...

A Trip to Vinales

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So... where were we? Oh yeah, we were in Cuba, trying to get the most out of our short trip. You know what (please read that in a thick British accent, it sounds much cuter. It should sound like this: yew no wo'?),  I thought as a famous vacation destination, the public system in Cuba must be t...

Moroccan Sahara Camel Trekking and Camping

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Until the year 2017, I have done camping TWICE in my entire life, you all. TWICE. Please note that this is actually some kind of grand achievements for me. I might seem like having a lot of savage manly traits in me, but deep down inside, I am a dainty, feminine lady. Spending nights in wilderness,...

Fes to Marrakech via Erg Chebbi Dunes - Part 1

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I am sure that every one of us has been asked questions to which there is only one correct answer. Let say after a meal at a restaurant, the waiter comes to your table and ask if you would like a dessert, you say “yes”, no matter what you’ve had as a meal. “No” would be an appropriate response. Besi...


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It was a dreadful afternoon when we visited Meknes, Fes' sister city. The sun was acting like my mom when she found out I broke her antique vase and hid the shattered pieces under the wardrobe: unforgiving. I was drenched in my own sweat like a pickled gherkin, I was constantly thirsty, and the dust...

Bravo, Jakarta!

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I flew back to Indonesia on last November to see family and friends and it was a goddamn mess. Not the friends and family, they were as great as always. I mean if any of them are reading this which I am sure they're not because they think blogging is so yesterday but that’s okay, I love them an...

12 Charms of Fes

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Fez or Fes, in which both writings should be read as FeZZZ (with big and multiple z, because it is that exotic), is full of charm and memories, especially its medina. Whose memories? Everyone's and every soul's that has lived or visited this magical place. I kid you not, the medina dates back almost...