Grand Feux Loto-Quebec, Sparkliest Event in Quebec

09.11.19 08:08 PM By Putri - Comment(s)
Have you ever wonder why people love to watch explosions so much? 
I’ve always presumed it’s mostly because it is just natural. I mean, the universe does like to blow stuff up, seriously. It even created by a big blow up, the Big Bang itself, if you think about it. Then there are also natural ex...

10 Cool Ways to Freeze Your Bum in Quebec City This Winter

16.12.18 02:20 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

Last Saturday was the first day of snow. The first snow is always beautiful and I always forgot that it’s the beginning of a long Quebec winter. I was thinking to write-up an article about activities in winter in Quebec. I thought I will do it later on, perhaps in January when the snow is up to my ...

Tigidou, Simply the Best Jam in Quebec

14.11.18 09:39 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

As I was trying to write something up for this so-called digital diary of mine (because blogging is so yesterday :P ), I felt a bit peckish so I made myself a plate of PBJ sandwich. I love PBJ. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, dessert, and even as a snack. I am so sorry for you guys who are a...

Kayaking at Vallée Bras du Nord

05.11.18 09:53 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

Early this year I was looking at my own pics from 2017 and realized that I was less squishy than I used to be at the start of the year. I was determined that this summer I would do more positive activities. Nico, ever the enabler, was more than being cooperative toward my determination. We did so m...

Quai des Bulles, Quebec Artisan Soap

21.10.18 01:39 AM By Putri - Comment(s)

I wrote an article about my face skin problem and I proudly announce to you that it is no longer a problem. Is it solved? Am I cured? Has my skin become dewy and flawless? Heck no, it’s not a problem anymore because I am having a bigger problem; my shoulder and back are having a full-blown breakout...

Ice-Skating at the Domaine de la Fôret Perdue.

30.03.18 11:53 AM By Putri - Comment(s)

It’s been wintering and freezing cold for the past three or four months now in QC, but those of you who know us knows that that isn’t an excuse to stay at home netflixing all day (though I wouldn’t have entirely against that). 

Luscious Raspberry

04.08.16 11:40 PM By Putri - Comment(s)
raspberry, ferme methot, autocuillette, fruit pick

Folks, lets have a moment to talk about this particular fruit; RASPBERRY. Why? Because I love this fruit, and when I love something, I tend to rant about it impassionately.
I mean, look at it! Just look at those flavorful and luscious raspberries!
Did I ever mentioned it to you that I thought...

Them Birdies

26.04.16 08:47 PM By Putri - Comment(s)

On a lazy Saturday (read : every Saturday mornings), all I do is enjoy a cup mug bucket of freshly brewed Indonesian coffee. Mentioning the origin of the coffee I drink is crucial, in case anyone would like to share me a cup of coffee, they would know exactly what coffee to bring...

Quebec Annual Blizzard: 2016 Edition

04.03.16 11:02 PM By Putri - Comment(s)
Do you ever wonder how to pronounce the name Quebec? I have heard few different pronounciations like Kee-beck, Kwee-beck, but the way we say it here is: Keh-beck. Its the pseudonym of Winteristan.  This specific region has a too-long period of winter. If you take winter as the period when the s...